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We offer timing services for events in the mid-atlantic region.  For more information contact us.

ProRacing Complete Race Timing Software


ProRacing Software is a fully featured system that covers all operating aspects of organizing multi-category multi-lap races and race points seriesProRacing fully integrates all race operations including registration, race timing, and results. 

ProRacing has a powerful built-in timing system that provides real-time results during the race, including split times, lap times, and current placing by category for each racer.  In multi-lap formats this valuable information can be announced to racers as they complete each lap.  Once the race is completed, results are instantly tabulated and ready to print.

ProRacing is designed to be used for points series.  Setting up your series is simple -- define your races, your racing categories, and your points system and you're done.  Each racer retains the same bib number throughout the entire points series.  Points series standings are tabulated automatically when they are viewed.  Once the results for the races are in the system, series points standings are immediately available. 

ProRacing features instant web posting of formatted series and individual race results directly from the software.  There is no need to transfer the results to a spreadsheet or web development program in order to prepare and post race results to your website.  In addition, ProRacing allows you to use a template specific to your website so that the results page will match the rest of your website.  Race results can be posted to the web in three different results formats -- Final Results, Overall Results, and Lap By Lap Final Results show the results by category and include each rider's elapsed time and all of the rider's lap times (for multi-lap races).  Overall Results show the overall results by race length based on finishing time allowing racers to see where they stand in comparison to all other categories that raced the same course.  Overall Results include each rider's combined place, finishing time and category/place in category.  Lap By Lap Results show the racer's finishing order after each lap.  Lap By Lap Results include each racer's place at the end of each lap, elapsed time at the end of each lap, and the lap time for each lap.

ProRacing's built-in registration system makes registration so easy that volunteers can be trained to use it with little instruction.  The registration system assigns and manages all racer bib numbers.  ProRacing retains all racer information that was previously entered into the system so, throughout a race series, racers that have competed in previous series races will not need to be re-entered.  For each race, ProRacing compiles a registration report which lists all registered racers by category, the entry fee each racer paid, the total number of racers by category and by race, and the total amount of entry fees by category and by race.

ProRacing also has special features for TIME TRIALS.  Anyone who has promoted or aided in the organization of a time trial event knows the difficulty in accurately and efficiently tabulating results.  ProRacing's timing system provides LIVE results during the time trial complete with each racer's current place in category, elapsed time, and split times. Intermediate results can be printed at any time during the event so that racers can see where they currently stand.

No timing product comes close to the power and ease of use of ProRacing Software.  Whether you promote mountain bike, road bike, running, or any other racing events, ProRacing Software is your solution. 



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